Client is the source and director of change - coach manages the process.

- Stober and Grant
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What they say about me...


“Ajit came on board the top management of Arvind as head of new business development for the group. He was with Arvind from 1989 to 2000 and from 2005 to 2008 during which he looked after, at different times, various business verticals like the telecom sector, the denim business and the agro export business.


“His good public relations skills helped Arvind develop international alliances for the telecom services. In his long association with Arvind, he showed great corporate image management competencies. His special ability of excellent people skills and communication skills would make him a natural coach and mentor.”

- Sanjay Lalbhai, Chairman & Managing Director, Arvind Ltd.


“I have known Ajit for nearly 15 years. While he headed the Denim Business at Raymond as the President, I was delighted to have him as direct reportee colleague who displayed commendable acumen as a business leader and coached & mentored his team to achieve rather difficult objectives with aplomb.


“His consistent growth performance in the International B to B business led us to position him at Raymond to Head the Globalisation Initiatives. He has shown consistent performance of a high order in International marketing.”

- Nabankur Gupta, Director and former Group President, Raymond Ltd.


“I have had the privilege of working with Ajit Mantagani in Berger Paints and also following his career, before he joined Berger and after he left Berger. Ajit had the unique ability to motivate and coach people working with him, whether below, along or above, to achieve both organizational and personal objectives. Since he had the opportunity of working with different industries, his capability was not limited by experience of one industry, but across the industry spectrum, due to his ability to conceptualise the requirements of management irrespective of the industry domain.”

- Biji Kurien, former MD and CEO of Berger Paints


“Ajit displays a results-orientation and a strong intellect, in combination with personal humility. He has a superb fund of knowledge, outstanding personal interactions and high standards that pertain to all aspects of his work as a mentor and coach.”

- Prof. Diane Lennard, Stern School of Business, New York University


“I knew Ajit well from 1973 to 1980 when we were in Asian Paints. He helped me hone my skills at a formative stage of my working life. Even as a young man, Ajit had an uncommon gift of forming a perspective view. He had the ability to string together seemingly disparate executive actions into a coherent conceptual framework, and which then conferred upon them clarity and logic. A comment he once made has stayed with me, that juniors take their cue not from what we profess, but from what we do.”

- Sanjeev Aga, former MD of Idea Cellular


“Have known Ajit since we became colleagues in Asian Paints 40 years ago. He demonstrated strong leadership and team building competencies very early in his career. He has over the years developed versatility in several domains and markets too. I'm sure that as an executive coach, he would provide just the insight and acumen to help people grow.”

- PM Murthy, former MD & CEO Asian Paint


“I am delighted to know your ensuing plan to initiate 'Gameplan Consultancy' and in turn offering your valuable services as a CEO Coach. You being a highly enlightened professional and having a huge experience behind in various fields of business supported by major International exposure in the post IIM-A days, I am confident that the top executives serving Industry, Education and related areas would reap the benefits of your strategic shift. I wish you all the best in your new endeavor.”

- Dr. PR Roy, former CEO Arvind Mills and Director, Mafatlal, NSL Textiles


“Ajit, known to me for over 25 years, has been a world class leader in his professional career demonstrating very impressive track record of contribution at the individual and institutional level.


“Over a period of time Ajit has mastered the art of developing leaders and consulting at various levels.


“I know of many leaders in today's market place who are very successfully running organizations all learnt through the capable coaching and consulting done along with Ajit.


“[I have] no doubt whatsoever that Ajit would be the 'Most Wanted' leadership Coach and Consultant in this part of the world indeed.”

- Ganesh Shermon, Partner & Country Head - P & C - MC, Lead - Indo-Canada
Business Corridor, KPMG Inc., Canada


“Mr. Ajit Mantagani is an ideal mentor who identifies people’s potential and optimizes it to the fullest. He lets people give off their best without placing the individual under stress, yet remaining focused on results. I have been associated with him for the past 20-25 years, initially in a personal capacity and later as a professional colleague for 7-8 years.


“I have seen him identify business opportunities in strategic roles and help identify and mould CEOs to drive those businesses.


“He is natural at building relationships. His ability to aggregate people and ideas and create a platform where new business strategies can be discussed makes him the ideal coach to build successful CEOs.


“Mr. Mantagani has kept himself emotionally, intellectually and physically active. I wish him all the best in this endeavor.”

- Wing Commander Arun Kaul, former Head of Arvind Group HR, Ahmedabad


“I have known and worked with Ajit for the last 30 years. He has a keen mind and is an able lateral thinker. He is a good leader and is very effective in building powerful teams. His experience cuts across industries as well as local and international markets. I have known him to have high integrity and delivers on his commitment consistently.”

- Arvind Nair, Operating Partner, India Equity Partners (IEP Ltd.),
formerly CEO at Domino, Jumbo Electronics & Amtrex


“Ajit Mantagani has been my mentor, philosopher and boss for over 15 years during his stay at Arvind Ltd. A live wire & motivator par excellence, he provided exemplary leadership to the Electronics team first & later to the fledging Telecom team during their years of struggle & coming of age.


“Passionate about business growth, with a never say die mindset and a terrific sense of humor, Ajit Mantagani excels in formulating business strategies (especially for green field projects) and turning around non-performing businesses. He is an asset for any organization and a fun person to work as well as bounce new business ideas with - wilder the business landscape, more creative is his approach to dealing with it.


“I wish him the very best in all his endeavors.”

- Vipen Malhotra President & CEO Arya Omnitalk Wireless Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Syntel, Arvind Ltd. - Telecom Division


“As Science & Art equals craft, watching the master craftsman in action – traversing from the analogue to the digital for nearly twenty-five years - has been an inspiration. From managing the perceptions of Arvind Mills from a traditional textile giant into a leading global player in Denim and from there on to its forays into telecommunications, all so seamlessly…


“Ajit's incisive insights of the corporate world, coupled with his mastery of human relations at work, make for a winning Mentor and Coach.”

- Ravi Shyam, Chief Executive, Media Training Worldwide


“I have known ABM now for over 20 years. I remember him as a Great Marketing Warrior who expanded market reach in many countries across all continents and successfully built a durable International Supply-Chain for Textiles and Apparels. Besides managing international multi-locational operations, he was instrumental in clearly identifying international trends and building a network of many important international personalities in the industry.


“A born Leader who cared for his team, always carried a reputation of being 'A leader who creates Leaders'. In this sense it is very appropriate that he has taken it upon himself to share his knowledge and coach aspiring and practicing CEOs. I am sure the rich experience and expertise he carries will immensely benefit the Industry leaders of present and future.”

- Milind Hardikar, Executive Director - Advanced Textiles, Welspun India Ltd, India.
Formerly President Denim and Technical Textiles, Arvind Ltd.