Our chief want in life is some one who will make us do what we can.

- Emerson
CEO Coaching
Coaching Vs. Mentoring Vs. Counselling
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CEO Coaching

- Our Unique Coaching Model
The Customised Coaching Process

Maximizing the impact of the intersection of three circles in the Trimurti model

Focus on the three major Capabilities of the leader: Business acumen, People acumen and Cognitive Bandwidth

Focus on the three roles of the Leader: Tasks, Teams and Own Motivational Needs

Focus on the three tools of Leadership: Concepts, Communication Abilities and Connections

Three golden circles of human action - the why , the how and the what - people follow leaders for "why" not just What leaders do .


Envisioning the ‘Trimurti’ leader with the balance of three major facets of leadership symbolized by the Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer/Changer of the old order

Enabling crafting solutions based on contexts unique to Coachee


Coaching Outcomes

Reboot / Reset: Coping with major changes or disruptions in corporate life

Dynamo+ Lamp: Coping with feedback, action, performance enhancement

Ecosystem +++: Enhancing people acumen - team building, conflict management, communication effectiveness, trust and respect by others, energy and positivity

Compass + Lodestar: Enhancing business acumen/leadership - futuristic strategic thinking, global outlook, innovation, originality, planning under uncertainty - situational leadership as represented by Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva

Gyroscope: Enhancing personal mastery - self-awareness, maturity, discipline, continuous learning, work life balance

Game Changer: Managerial effectiveness - making a difference, time management, decision making, crisis management, delegation, assertiveness, supportive feedback to reportees etc.

Spring Board: Personalized Leadership Coaching/Mentoring services to members of promoter family and top management

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