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Mentoring & Consulting in Business Strategy [International & Domestic]


Backed by Ajit's 40 year and Kamal's 20 year diverse experiences with various corporates and MNCs, Gameplan offers:

Pulse or Heartbeat

A comprehensive ‘Quick Health Check/Diagnostics’ by walking around, process observation and having a powerful dialogue with a carefully picked sample of top to down cross-section of executives / employees.

Gameplan 360or Gyroscope

Based on Mckinsey’s 7S framework - Superordinate goal, Strategy, Structure, Skills, Staff, Style and Systems - this helps identify changes and the new equilibrium required.


Scenario creation approach, brainstorming on various possibilities and assessing best- and worst-case scenarios to arrive at the ‘most likely’ case scenarios to be pursued in realistic phases.

Global Gameplan

Crafting an international marketing and business strategy. It is based on both, our team's international experiences and high quality inputs on cultural aspects from Atmaglobal, USA our overseas associates and advisors.


Global competitiveness assessment. Approaches have been fine tuned by our direct work experience in globally competitive businesses with significant share of world market and the cumulative knowledge of our worldwide associates/resource persons.

Gameplan 9-99-999 days & Dashboard

Simultaneous planning and constant monitoring systems for next 9 days, 99 days and 999 days. We recommend and help establish review processes so that plans aim for stretch targets but with feet firmly on the ground.

Take off, Cruise Gameplans & End Game Planning

Launch of new initiatives (new customers, new markets) the consolidation , rationalization/pruning of the product market portfolio from time to time.

Landing Pads

Organization preparation to phased induction, integration and development of external talent and integration particularly with the members of promoter family and managers who have grown from within over long period of time.


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